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The Fatherland’s Transatlantic Exchange

Fostering African Understanding and Cultural Exchange

In 2022, Fatherland introduced its pioneering altruistic Transatlantic Exchange program to support young United States and Europe graduates to learn first-hand about the African traditional culture & values in a university setting, work environment, and from a host family while staying in Africa. This program enables young graduates to travel to Africa for one month in the summer of 2023 and 2024.

Mission Statement

The Fatherland Foundation Transatlantic Exchange Program seeks to provide educational and cultural exchange opportunities to foster a deeper appreciation of African culture, traditions, and values among individuals of African descent worldwide. This program aligns with the broader goal of promoting mutual understanding, respect for cultural diversity, and the exchange of knowledge on common issues, as seen in various professional and academic exchange initiatives.

Who are our Participants?

Participants in this program include recent graduates and undergraduate students from higher education institutions. They undergo a rigorous application and evaluation process, fully immersing themselves in college, host family, and community life before returning to their home country to make a difference. Join an international exchange with participants from the United States, Europe, and South America visiting Africa.

Approach & Activities

The Transatlantic Exchange Program offers a diverse approach to cultural immersion and experiential learning. It supports young graduates and undergraduates from the United States, South Africa, and Europe in firsthand exploration of African traditional culture, values, university life, historical sites, work environments, and host families during their stay in Africa.

African Cultural Workshops

Delve into the rich tapestry of African traditions, languages, and customs, providing a comprehensive foundation for cultural immersion.

Corporate Training Sessions

Acquire insights into business practices and corporate culture unique to Africa through specialized training sessions designed to enhance cross-cultural competency.

Interactive Cultural Showcases

Foster mutual exchange of traditions through active participation in interactive cultural showcases, promoting a deeper understanding of African cultural heritage.

Roundtable Discussions

Engage in open dialogue, sharing perspectives and learning from each other on global issues, enriching understanding of challenges and opportunities in a global context.

Culinary Experiences

Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of African cuisines through interactive cooking classes or by dining with local host families, gaining a deeper appreciation for African culinary traditions.

Artistic Expressions

Engage with and explore local artistic expressions, fostering a deeper connection with the cultural fabric of the host country and gaining a profound appreciation for African art forms.

Advantages of Educational and Cultural Exchange Program are far-reaching

Personal Growth

Participants in the program develop a stronger sense of self-identity and enhance their ability to be adaptable, confident, self-reliant, and receptive in a diverse society. 

Fostering Connection

To meet new people and gain the ability to work and live with people of different cultures and backgrounds, thus aiding in developing a global mindset.

Cultural Fusion

Enable a vibrant cultural interchange that fosters mutual respect and admiration for varied histories, traditions, and practices.

Sustainable Impact

The program can create lasting positive change in communities, leaving a meaningful and enduring legacy.

Educational Immersion

The engagement of participants in cultural lessons, programs, workshops, and seminars promotes academic and cultural exchange, fostering intellectual growth and knowledge sharing.

Cultural Competency

Cultivate a heightened cultural awareness to effectively navigate diverse cultural environments.

Become A Host Family

The volunteer host families have supported Fatherland Foundation participants by showing them love, African traditions, and becoming their second family. Embracing a foreign exchange participant is a rewarding experience that fosters cultural exchange and lifelong connections. Host families receive the royal treatment of learning about a new culture without leaving their home. Our students share their culture, values, and traditions with their host families, creating a unique and enriching experience.

Become A Partner for School’s Program

If your school would like to participate in the Fatherland Foundation School’s program, you can apply to be a Partner School.

What to Expect:

Young graduates from the U.S. and Europe will be empowered to travel by first attending in-depth cultural awareness training about the host country to avoid cultural shock and generate cultural curiosity and sensitivity. This will ensure time overseas is more exciting and assist exchange students in gaining new perspectives as they learn about a different culture.

They will be connected to host Families and work in the Operations of Fatherland Global Corporation to experience the full extent of living, working, and being part of a community in an African country. To make it very experiential, students will be placed to lodge with host families who will teach them more about the country’s culture. Traditional meals will be served, and an opportunity to learn the people’s lifestyle and bond with the host family will be fostered. These families are chosen for security, comfort, and friendliness.

Visits to the University of Lagos will be arranged. Cultural lessons will be taught by lecturers who are cultural experts in African traditions and will facilitate courses and projects designed to immerse the students in African culture, practices, and values. This learning event will be alongside their African peers. They will therefore have a first-hand experience of being students in Africa.

During weekends, there will be an opportunity to visit Museums and other historical sites to augment knowledge of their African roots.

There will be access to the best support available from Fatherland Foundation staff trained to personally take care of students’ needs to ensure the very best Experience. An experienced doctor to cater to health needs will also be on call.

The benefits abound, but some are:

  • The opportunity to gain career readiness and soft skills.
  • To receive a certificate at the program end and a reference letter on request.
  • To meet new people and gain the ability to work and live with people of different cultures and backgrounds, thus aiding in developing a global “mindset.”
  • To broaden the students; life experiences in these countries and push them past their comfort zone.

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