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If you are between 16 and 24 years old and would like to use our services, please contact us.

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If you are aged 16-24 and have nowhere else to go or are at risk of becoming homeless, please don’t hesitate to seek help. Contact emergency services or the Fatherland Foundation. We are here to support you.

How to access our day centre

Monday to Friday • 10:30am – 4:00pm
(closed between 1:30-2:00pm)

If you have nowhere to turn, feel unsafe, or are facing homelessness, please come to our day centre at Newark. We are here to offer help and support.

Please remember that on Tuesdays, we operate by appointment only. Visit the day centre on this day only if a staff member has specifically asked you to come. Additionally, we provide a women-only space on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4pm to ensure a secure and supportive environment.

If you have any identification, a national insurance number, or proof of income, please bring them with you. But don’t worry if you don’t have these documents—we can still help you and assist you in obtaining them if necessary.

Worried about your English? We have translators available to make sure language isn’t a barrier to the support you need.


Due to increased demand for our services, we are currently unable to accept online self-referrals. If you need support and it is safe for you to travel to Newark, please visit our day centre in person by 10:15am. We open at 10:30am and allocate appointments for the day at that time, so arriving early will help ensure you secure an appointment as they fill up quickly. Please see more information below.

Every Youth

Deservers a good place to call home

Please be aware that we are currently experiencing a very high demand for our services, and we may not be able to offer you an appointment on the same day or every day that you visit. However, please continue to come back, and we will do our best to assist you as soon as possible.

At this time, we are unable to pre-book housing advice appointments, so you will need to come in every day at 10:15am. Unfortunately, we cannot provide emergency housing on the same day. While you wait, you are welcome to use our day centre facilities, including breakfast, lunch, Wi-Fi, showers, and laundry services. We also offer daily activities that you can participate in.

If you are sleeping on the street, please contact Fatherland Foundation with your exact location. Fatherland Foundation will notify local outreach teams who will try to find you. Additionally, you can inform your local council of your homelessness.

Please see below for a list of other services that may also be able to assist you.

We can assist you with:

If needed, we will also help you connect with other specialized services, such as LGBTQ+ support, legal assistance, or immigration advisors. We will work alongside you to minimize the need for you to repeatedly tell your story or handle extensive paperwork.

You may be offered a combination of in-person and remote services based on what works best for you. If you need urgent support, please use the resources listed below.

We are not a government agency like a council or probation service. Our support is voluntary, and you can choose to stop using our services at any time. While we work closely with statutory services to ensure you receive the help you are entitled to, we will not share your information without your permission in normal circumstances.

We are not a clinical service, so we cannot provide medical treatment like a GP or hospital. However, we can help you register with a GP or dentist. We also offer support for mental and sexual health and provide physical health checks and advice at our day centre.

If you are experiencing a crisis, feeling unwell, in danger, or require emergency support, please be aware that our response may not be as immediate as some other services. If you require assistance or information urgently, we suggest contacting the following organizations instead:

Call Emergency Service

If you’re in a serious crisis or at risk of harm

Call: 999

Shelter Housing Advice Helpline

If you are 16-24yrs and need advice around housing

Shelter Housing Advice Helpline

If you are 16-24yrs and need advice around housing

If you are aged 16 or 17, we offer advocacy, advice, and referrals to appropriate Children’s Services. However, we regret that we are unable to provide emergency accommodation for individuals under 18 years old.

Nevertheless, we are committed to assisting you in accessing the specialized support you require. Our priority is ensuring your safety and ensuring that your voice is heard throughout the process, enabling other professionals to listen to your needs.

If you are facing homelessness or are at risk of it, please contact us so we can provide you with the necessary support. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Children’s Services at your local council or visit a nearby police station or A&E, where a duty social worker will be available to assist you.

We understand that there are many misconceptions surrounding homelessness. At Fatherland Foundation, homelessness encompasses anyone without a fixed address or who feels unsafe in their current accommodation. This may include individuals sleeping on a friend’s couch, uncertain about their lodging for the night, or residing with someone they do not feel safe with. We recognize various circumstances, including disputes with family or friends, relocation to London from elsewhere in the UK or abroad, refugee or asylum seeker status, student or employment situations, landlord disputes, or difficulty accessing rental properties in London. Regardless of the situation, there is no shame in seeking assistance, and we are committed to ensuring you find a safe home.

Our support continues until you reach the age of 25. If you require an update on your progress, please contact us at +1 862 371 2422 or via email at [email protected] While we strive to respond promptly, if your query is urgent, we recommend emailing us first.

During your initial assessment, we will ask questions about your background, current situation, and needs to better understand how we can assist you. This process ensures we provide tailored support. If you have any concerns or questions about the assessment, your designated team member will address them. While identification, a national insurance number, or proof of income is helpful, it is not mandatory. We can assist you regardless and support you in obtaining these documents if necessary.

If you are a professional organization seeking to refer a young person you are working with, please refer to our professional referrals page for guidance.

We accommodate all learning and access requirements at Fatherland Foundation. Our day center is wheelchair accessible, and we provide quiet spaces and accommodations for various disabilities or neurodiversities. Our staff respects your boundaries and preferences, ensuring a comfortable experience. If you require language support or have dietary restrictions or allergies, please inform us in advance. We strive to provide adaptive technology to suit different learning and communication styles.

Yes, we offer translation and interpreter services to assist you. Please notify us as soon as possible to arrange these services.

We prioritize your safety and well-being. During your initial assessment, we will identify any concerns or areas to avoid to ensure your safety.We are committed to meeting your safety needs and encourage you to learn more about our safety and outreach efforts.

We strive to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for all individuals who seek our assistance. You will be treated with respect, dignity, and empathy, regardless of your background or circumstances. Your well-being and needs are our top priority.