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Join us in utilizing your work hours to create positive change.

At Fatherland Foundation, we highly prioritize collaboration. We have cultivated partnerships with a diverse array of businesses and organizations who share our mission to profoundly impact the lives of young people. Our goal is to establish strategic partnerships tailored to each business, ensuring that your employees participate in enjoyable, meaningful, and mutually beneficial activities.

Interested in Partnering with Us?

Our supporters and funders are the bedrock of all the exceptional services and opportunities we provide. Explore below how you and your organization can contribute:

Embrace Us as Your
'Charity of the Year'

With the support of your employees, we can create tangible change in the lives of young people facing homelessness in Newark. Whether offering specific skills, fundraising efforts, or raising awareness, we can develop a customized partnership that is fulfilling and impactful for young people in need.

Raise Awareness and Funds Through Our 10 Days to Take on Youth Homelessness Campaign

Stay tuned for our upcoming campaign. As a partner, you’ll engage in an exclusive, high-profile initiative aimed at raising awareness and funds for youth homelessness.

Pathways to Employment

Young people experiencing homelessness often encounter barriers accessing opportunities and support to initiate their careers, perpetuating a cycle of homelessness and unemployment. Partner with our Employability Team to provide young people with skills and employment opportunities, empowering them to break free from homelessness.

Donate Items to Support Our Center

We graciously accept various donations. If your company can contribute, please reach out, and we’ll provide an up-to-date list of needed items.

For Further Information, Please Email:  [email protected]

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