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The Schools Program

Fatherland foundation facilitates free afro-centric programs for ages 9-16 in summer or as an after-school activity. It instructs them on Africa’s Culture and Traditional Values and provides in-depth knowledge of a revered time-honored way of life. It is perceived as an opportunity to foster self-awareness of African descendants’ children, connect them to their roots, and bridge the history gap in the standard school syllabus and, for others, an appreciation of a culture other than theirs.

Four-Module Course Overview: Nurturing Creativity and Skills

The course comprises various learning goals. All the children are given the necessary support, materials, and tools to ensure that these goals are easily attained in a positive, fun, and uplifting way. Apart from programs in Dance, Crafts, History, Basket Weaving, Jewelry, African cloth designs, Dressmaking, and Cooking, a four-module course is offered as detailed below:


Module One

Exploring the Rich Heritage, History, and Culture of Africa


Module Two

Learning About Our African Roots


Module Three

Examining Different African States


Module Four

Africa's Impact on the Globe

Fatherland Foundation School Programs Reflection

Upon program completion, students will be prompted to reflect briefly on their family’s cultural heritage. They will explore the following aspects:

1. The religious beliefs and practices prevalent in their tribe

2. The presence of art within their household and the languages spoken, both within the family circle and outside

3. Identification of beloved traditional African dishes prepared by their family.
4. Recognition of any specific music genre preferred by their family during significant events, such as weddings.
Objectives of the Project

Curriculum Enhancement

Revise and enrich existing curricula to align with modern educational standards and promote interdisciplinary learning.

Infrastructure Development

Upgrade school facilities, including tangible and non-tangible facilities, to create a conducive learning environment.

Teacher Training Workshops

Provide professional development opportunities for educators to enhance teaching methodologies and student engagement.

Community Engagement

Foster community involvement through outreach programs, parent-teacher interactions, and extracurricular activities to support holistic development.

Fatherland Foundation School Programs
Expected Outcomes
Understanding & Appreciation

The Schools Program ensures children meet learning expectations by immersing them in genuine African cultural heritage. This approach fosters a deep appreciation for this heritage, empowering participants to confidently apply its value in their lives.

Inspiration & Connectivity

Discovering previously unknown aspects of their culture and roots brings a sense of intrigue. Through database research and highly accurate DNA tests, individuals have the opportunity to connect with their ancestral origins, using state-of-the-art tools for uncovering genetic relatives and expanding personal genealogy research.

Benefiting the Future

The children, enriched by their cultural understanding, develop an appreciation for global cultural diversity, fostering social unity and respect for all ethnicities. This knowledge, rooted in unique African heritage passed down through generations, benefits future generations, perpetuating valuable life approaches, beliefs, and literature inherited from ancestors.

Serving to Protect African Cultural Heritage

They serve as guardians, valuing and safeguarding natural and cultural heritage, including monuments, architecture, and artifacts.

Become A Partner for School’s Program

If your school would like to participate in the Fatherland Foundation School’s program, you can apply to be a Partner School.